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“My philosophy is to treat the patient, not their imaging or condition.“

I knew from kindergarten I would become a doctor one day, but just didn’t know exactly what kind. It wasn’t until I was involved in a hit-and-run auto accident in college where I became a chiropractic patient and was exposed to the field of practice. I received great results, and loved seeing how patients could be helped with conservative care.

Exceptional patient care has to be interdisciplinary and patient-centric in nature. I firmly believe keeping up to date on the latest advances in health care and following evidence-based medicine gives patients the best chance for success.

I’ve had the privilege of working along side of surgeons, pain management doctors and other physicians through the years and am fortunate to have a unique skillset to offer my patients. I’ve treated patients of all complexities and ages and will do my best to help them find the care they deserve.

One day, I was speaking with a person who told me about neck pain that was going into his left arm and was getting worse. Another doctor he saw attributed it to a pinched nerve, but he wanted my insight on it for a second opinion. Quickly, I realized this issue wasn’t quite adding up and referred him out for urgent evaluation and an MRI of his neck. It turned out he had a blood clot virtually blocking one of the largest veins in the neck and needed emergency surgery. After a successful procedure, his surgeon told him that the chiropractor had saved his life. Ever since, I’ve considered this one of the most rewarding moments in my clinical career.


  • National University of Health Sciences | Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.)
  • University of South Florida |  Microbiology (B.S.)
  • University of South Florida | Anthropology (B.A.)


  • Clinical Director of Patient Services | Laser Spine Institute (Tampa)
  • Practice Administrator | iRISE Spine and Joint (Tampa)
  • Owner / Chiropractor | Seminole Heights Chiropractic & Wellness
  • Clinical Rotation (Preceptor) Head | Laser Spine Institute (Tampa)


  • Acupuncture Certified | State of Florida Department of Health
  • Physiotherapy Certified | State of Florida Department of Health
  • Adjunct Professor | National University of Health Sciences
  • Speaker | Florida Chiropractic Physician’s Association
  • Spinal MRI Credentialing | State University of New York at Buffalo – School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences


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